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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sy64004, Jul 5, 2004.

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    Can anybody give me some advice on how to get OE to send mails???

    My friend uses OE and has 3 mails in the outbox. I've tried sending them and it gives me a message about the server not responding for 60 seconds, etc wait or stop??

    I use the same ISP and use outlook 2003 and I have no problems at all.

    If I uninstall/ reinstall OE is this likely to help and will I loose all his emails/ addresses???

    Are there any free OE backup progs???

    Thanks in advance for any advice any one can give
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    Is the smtp server correctly entered ?

    The best way to backup e-mails (all of them at once) is to make a backup of the Identities folder located in "C:\Documents and Settings\your_profile\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities".
    And to save time for e-mail accounts setup, don't forget to export their settings: Tools> accounts> export, you will get .iaf files.

    But it most probably is a setting issue you enconter...
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  4. sy64004

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    Thanks for the replies guys

    I'm 100% sure the SMTP server is correct. he wouldn't know how to change anything like that and I set the computer up about 4 months ago and they have only just got the problem.

    I'm going to backup the inbox, etc and then have a shot at uninstalling/ reinstalling OE.

    If anyone else can give me some help I'd appreciate it
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    Are you using Norton Antivirus? Doesn't it change the amil server setting in order to scan your incoming and outgoing mail? I wouldn't know coz I don't use norton, but I few years ago I worked @ ISP helpdesk. When the first version of Norton with e-mail protection came out, we got tons of calls about not responding e-mail servers. The mail server settings were changed...

    Did you try to ping the mail server? Or traceroute?

    Did you try to replace the server name with the server's IP?

    Hope that helps in case the reinstall was unsuccessful...


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