outlook express + no splash screen tweak

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by weeone, May 22, 2002.

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    gee, this must be a real stumper for everyone here :(
  3. Dubbin1

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    By any chance did you disable messenger? I did that and it was taking about the same amount of time for OE to open.
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    Melbourne Australia
    I have not looked at the tweak but it obviously did not work for. Why not change it back to how it was, see if it loads faster then try another way to disable the splash screen?
  5. weeone

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    yes, I did disable messenger by renaming the folder as
    per a tweak I read.

    I would gladly change it back but it altered my registry
    and I dont know how to get it back to what it was
    before ???
  6. evasser

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    This tweak doesn't work because each persons Identity in Outlook Express will have a different ID string {XXXX-XXXX-}

    If you use the default identity - it is called "Main Identity" - just manually add the dword value "NoSplash" = 1 to that id string for IE and it works. Same applies to your individual ID if you created one - but you do have to use Regedit and add the NoSplash value manually. On my system I created my own ID in OE but added the NoSplash value to both my id and the one for main identity.

    Hope this clears this up.

  7. weeone

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    thanks evasser !

    not sure I understood all that but hopefully I
    can figure it out.......the 1 minute wait time
    for it to open is driving me crazy :(
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    evasser, I found where I need to be in regedit but
    I dont understand what or how it needs to be changed?

    Outlook Express shows

    (Default).........................REG_SZ...................(value not set)
    Directory Name...............REG_DWORD...........0xf5dedaa5 (more#)
    Identity Ordinal...............REG_DWORD...........0x00000001 (1)
    User ID............................REG_SZ...................{F5DEDAA5xxxxxxx}

    can you provide a bit more help please ?

    thanks much!!!!
  9. evasser

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    Outlook Express No Splash Screen Tweak


    Sorry about the delay in getting back with you on this, but had to wait until I got home from the sweat shop to reply.

    Here is how to disable the Outlook Express splash screen - open regedit and navigate to:

    There you will see one or more ID strings in the form:

    but will differ from the one shown as it's my ID on my XP machine
    If there is more then one of these ID strings one of them will be the default "Main Identity" any others will be for identities you may have created with Outlook - You can look in the right pane of regedit and see the Identity name in the key "UserName"

    Expand the ID String key and navigate to:
    Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0

    In the right pane of regedit right click with your mouse and select "New" then DWORD Value and name it "NoSplash" (without the quotes)

    Double click on the NoSplash value you just created and enter the value "1" (again no quotes)

    You can do this for each ID String you find if you wish and it's not necessary to reboot for this to take effect - just close regedit and restart Outlook Express and Weeeeeeeeeee! No splash screen!!

    Another tweak you should do that may speed up OE (if you've removed Messenger) is to search the registry for this key:


    When you locate the above key locate these two key values in the right pane: InProc32 and LocalServer32. Set the values of both of these keys to empty strings. Close regedit - and reboot and see if you don't get a faster start up with Outlook Express.

    Hope I've explained this okay. Let me know how it works for you.

  10. andy_rose

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    hmm, why does that splash screen bother u so much?..hope it was worth the 1 minute wait....not to be an a$$hole..just dont see the point...but hey..thats just me bro :)
  11. weeone

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    thanks evasser, the InProcServer32 & LocalServer32
    string removal did the trick !!!!!

    much appreciated ;)

    andy_rose, splash screen didnt really bother me that much,
    I had just gotten XP Pro installed and wanted to try a simple
    tweak......which turned into a headache :(

    live and learn I suppose :D