Outlook express maybe?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Martyr63rd, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Martyr63rd

    Martyr63rd Guest

    this is my problem:

    i have saved web pages of tutorials so that i can further my knowledge on photoshop. Now something has taken over parts of the saved files. Looks like Outlook express and thats what tries to open them. But eventually it crashes my comp.?

    Now this is starting to make me very upset. Can someone help me?

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  2. eNuffSaid

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    In your screenshot I see a HTML document and an Internet Email Message. Which one of the two are giving you problems. Have you tried dragging them into IE?

    Willem Moolenaar
  3. Martyr63rd

    Martyr63rd Guest

    Sorry i didn't specify enough. It is the internet mail thingy, it shouldnt be there and what has converted it?
  4. eNuffSaid

    eNuffSaid Guest

    Hi Martyr,

    "It shouldn't be there" as in it just appeard, or is it part of the saved HTML pages, but had a different icon before?

    What is its extension? If you open the HTML document, do you still see it correctly?

    Willem Moolenaar
  5. Martyr63rd

    Martyr63rd Guest

    as in i dont think so; when i try and open the saved page it locks everything up and tries to use windows media player to open the web page.

    it is a .eml file

    also it shows as mhtml in the browser up by where normaly the site would be named.

    Only solution i know of is deleting every saved web page i have.

    Weirdest thing is these files are like 11mb's
  6. Martyr63rd

    Martyr63rd Guest

    k, here is the readme.eml file except i renamed it to readme.txt which in the folder the .eml file is 11mb this is 90k so you might open it and tell me what it means. All i know is that there is alot of (A's) in it? i dont know about web pages much maybe that is coding?
  7. Martyr63rd

    Martyr63rd Guest

    special thanks to xsivforce, for finding out that that was a virus, my antivirus was not picking it up. Thanks again.

    WoW what a wonderful tech room. hehe
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    Heh, sorry I didn't post it here for others who may run into it.
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