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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paul_w, May 4, 2002.

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    I can't seem to find any way to alter the font size and weight used with the icons in the 'Outlook Bar' I hate the way this looks (see picture below) and would really like to remove the 'bold' weight from these and reduce the font size... anyone know how this is done?

    Thanks - Paul

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    Don't know exactly what you are looking for - but try this. VIEW, LAYOUT.

    UNCHECK Outlook Bar and CHECK FOLDER BAR and/or FOLDER LIST! Then APPLY & I think you need OKAY!

    Try this and see if you like what you see!
  3. paul_w

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    Thanks, I know I can do this, but really I would rather keep the layout I have but reduce the font size and weight by the icons.

    I've just upgraded from Win98 and using OE6 in win98 this text did not display like this.

    I guess I can live with it! just one of those things that annoys....

    Cheers - Paul
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    Have you changed the mail format? Tools>>>options>>>mail format tab. You have 3 options HTML, Rich text or Plain text. Change the mail format and see if that helps you.