Outlook Express Connection Problems. . .

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pjchappy, Feb 4, 2003.

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    On a different computer (see my other problems below), Outlook said it can't find a connection. For the connection setting, LAN is chosen. Earlier, it connected and then said to check the e-mail address field (which IS correct).

    Here is the error message:

    'Establish network connection: Unable to connect to the Internet or to the network. Please verify the connection settings. To access the connections tab, close this dialog, click More Settings, then click on the Connections tab.'

    Of course, I did thi, and the LAN settings are picked. The computer IS connected to the Internet, and Internet Explorer works fine. Why would Outlook all of a sudden not recognize this connection??

    When I first set this up a several days ago, it worked fine. Then, the problems above started.

    Please help!! :)

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    well. . .

    this problem is completely independent of the other problems I had w/ my computer. . .

    this is on a completely different computer. . .

    just to be clear. ..

    thanks again
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    arghhh. . ..

    Well, I have been plagued w/ problems. . .

    After uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook, I get an old error

    It is unable to send a test message. . .it says to check the E-mail address field. . .(which IS correctly filled out)

    However, Outlook Express, w/ the EXACT SAME SETTINGS is able to send and receive JUST PERFECTLY. . .

    Why doesn't Outlook work???