Outlook Exp needs re-installing

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jueuk, Jan 9, 2003.

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    My Outlook Express 6 is completely playing up. It tells me I have new messages then when I go into my inbox nothing is there, also when I click new mail, it says an error has occured.

    Basically something went tits up when after a scratch install I tried to recover my old messages.

    It works fine on my other half's profile (XP) it's just my profile.

    Now the problem is when I remove and re-install from the add / remove programs it re-installs it with the same settings as before i.e the non working ones.

    Anyone got any idea's of the best thing to do ?

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    Have a look HERE. See if that helps. :cool:
  3. jueuk

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    Thanks for that , but it hasn't worked.

    I need to re-install it so that it doesn't retain any settings from it's previous install.

    Anyone know how to do that ?

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