Outlook 2003 Failing to synchronize and other issues

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    Hoping some of you are Outlook 2003 guru's and all. I only use Outlook 2003 at my work place. Here is how I have it setup.

    We are running on Exchange at work. I setup the account to use it, using Microsoft Exchange. That was setup correctly I believe it. I also used the cache files, I believe. I also setup two more accounts: My comcast email account, and my own domain email account.

    After setting these accounts up, I ran into the following problems:

    1) I am getting some Synchronization errors... I can't post them right now because I'm not at work and my exchange web isn't showing them, but I will be able to post them tomorrow.

    2) For some reason, my old Outlook used to send mail from my exchange account: which was good... but I sent out two very important emails today, both from one of my personal accounts. :( How do I change this?

    3) For some reason Outlook was not checking all of my accounts. I got email from the exchange server, but I did not get email from my personal accounts. Those two really important emails that sent from my personal account; they were replied to, and I only got them when I went home... I had an issue like this in the past with Outlook 2000... I know that I'm allowed to use personal accounts, and they check when I hit send receive and everything, but what gives?

    Office 2003 is running on Windows XP pro on the computer, both XP and Office are updated.

    Any help is appreciated!