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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by wile, Dec 19, 2001.

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    Max Payne was good a little bit too much of a Playstation game. I also spent a while playing Operation Flashpoint. In fact I was running a server with a huge map on it for a couple of months and had some regulars. That game is huge. We were driving about Malden Island, talking at camp fires, ambushing patrols Flying helicopters, Jets driving Tank etc. If anyone out there is patient enough for a total immersion SIM then get that game it rocks. Some of the bugs are hilarious too like trucks bouncing 20 metres into the air when you blow them up!!!! Another Title which took up a load of time was Black and White. Has anyone got the addon Creature Isle? Is it worth parting with my cash? All in all I spent most of the time hopping thru servers playing Counter-Strike but I think CS has some major competition coming this year
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    Forgot about Black & White, that was a very cool game.