Optical Mouse Trouble

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GuardianAtomos, May 1, 2002.

  1. Hey,

    I have an optical mouse that's plugged in to my computer via PS/2. I have altered the Advanced Mouse settings to maximize optical reading and buffer size. However, some times, when playing games (specifically, Unreal Tournament), the mouse will randomly jerk really fast and I'll be looking somewhere different. It's REALLY annoying and I wonder if it's my mouse, mouse settings, Windows XP, Unreal Tournament, PS/2 or USB configuration (I can have either), or anything else. Any clue as to what could be screwy?
  2. USB Hub Difficulty?

    Well, that leads me to my second concern...I bought a 4-port mini-USB hub so I could plug in my cable modem, mouse, and printer. The hub is capable of powering each port to some standard power amount. However, when I plug my modem into the hub, my mouse responds VERY sluggishly. I guess that the modem is drawing all the power from the hub, BUT, my front USB port has the same amount of available power as EACH of the four ports in the hub. When, I plug my modem up there, the mouse works fine in the hub. But, I don't want my modem plugged up front. Why is my modem draining all of the power from the hub when every USB port on my computer (front, back -> where my hub is connected, and 4 ports in the hub)? Thanks!