optical mouse going off and on

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by oilisab, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. oilisab

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    I have a usb MS optical mouse,

    I was using it and suddenly my sensitivity went down to like 1
    After that my sensitivty went to its normal value. Then
    my mouse stopped responding and the red light went off.
    1 min later it went on again.
    It happened again and again.
    I switched it to an another usb connector and the same occured.
    I tried using the ps/2 conector but same problem.

    Keyboard is ps2, and i have a pcpockect cradle and ms usb gamepad in the other usb connectors.

    I reformat my comp and It happened again.

    I would like to know if my mouse is passing out or not?
    It's easy to say "YEAH GO AND BUY A NEW ONE", but is there any way i can fix this??

    Im running winxp pro+sp1 with all of the win updates, latest detonator drivers.

    I need some help plz!!
    ANy clues??
  2. Admiral Michael

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    Maybe the wires broke or are somewhat broken or frayed inside the cord.
  3. oilisab

    oilisab Guest

    but when the light goes off I unplug it and plug it in again and it works fine again for a couple of hours
  4. GoNz0

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    check the mouse in device manager, if may be set to allow windows to shut it off to save power, if it is untick and keep your fingers crossed.
  5. JoKo

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    It's the damned cord... :mad:
    I've encounter this problem with 2 MS Mices and my advice would be to buy a new one... except if you have the courage to cut the current cord and replace it with a USB Cable by yourself.

    But it's too risky, so the best solution would be a new mouse :D ...
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    HEy Electronic how you doin??

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