Optical drives not function after burn ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dcdlking, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. dcdlking

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    I notice rarely when I do burn cds, that afterwards... while trying to read an audio cd, play a game w/ cd, or watch a dvd, it will NOT recognize it in either my DVD or CDRW drive. It takes a restart to fix this. Anyone heard of such nonsense happening?

    ----and yes... my computer has a lot of shitzy problems--------
  2. phishhead

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    this is full proof you will never get that message again...start....run type cmd then type format c: /u :D lol
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    jeese louise

    disable autorun. itll fix that. as for your other shiity mishaps hehe
    if you did an upgrade from me or 98. then you need to do a clean install. and use 9x me for disk golf on sunday morning, lolool.
    i guess i should say disabling autorun worked for me i had that same issue. u know how it is.:p
  4. dcdlking

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    you actually wouldn't believe how many times i've done a "fresh" install from XP after a format because of problems =( ... and now i'm having a re0ccuring problem just since the last reformat, i'd love to find the cause but i'll post it somewhere in sftware if anyone else has seen error before.