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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mitch529, May 26, 2002.

  1. mitch529

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    Ok I am planning on purchasing a Volcano 7+ Cooler.
    Now I was reading that it is recommended that you buy an AMD Athlon XP Shim. Is this necessary?
    And should I get Artic Silver 3 too? And how the heck to I apply that stuff?
  2. stuy_b

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    Yes its a good idea to get a shim, if anything just for peace of mind. These new coolers use such tight fitting, that its very easy to damage the core, I'd recommend you get a shim m8 :) they dont cost much at-all either.

    Yep I'd get some ArticSilver3 too, its the best, and you will get an improvement in the dissapation and transfer of heat off of your cpu to the cooler... well worth it.

    Hope this helps
  3. da rock

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    i've built 4 systems using the volcano7 w/out any shims. so as far as needing one goes,no. you do want to remove the pad on
    the bottom,use a single edge razor blade to scrape it off.
    artic silver is a great heat dissipator that you should definatly
    consider using. when you remove that heatpad from the bottom of your hsf take a lint free rag ,some 90% rubbing alcohol,and
    some acetone and clean the area where the pad was. do the same to the core of your cpu. next take a small amount of artic
    silver(bb size) and spread it evenly over the area you just cleaned
    don't use bare fingers, a pair of surgical cloves will keep body oils
    from gettng into the pores of the metal base.remove any excess
    artic silver w/the edge of a clean credit card or such,leaving a thin flim on the base. do the to your cpu, clean apply a small amount of
    artic silver remove the excess. to much paste is as bad as to little!
    doing the above keeps the temps on my xp 1800 @39c to 43c!
    hope this helps you out!;)