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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ZipTriX, Dec 19, 2001.

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    I just reinstalled XP onto a formatted hard drive. Everything went fine until it came to the Microsoft Services. I turned them all to manual and rebooted. Then I went and set all the ones, that were started, to automatic. Next I went through and shut the ones off that I don't need. Well now I have lag. :mad: Any program I open it takes about 5 - 10 secs to open it. Why is this and what could/is causing this???
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    Nope it's installed..here's a screenshot of ALL the services I have.
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    "Click on the Status Column, & organize them all, thanks!"

    pffttt gotta be a pain don't ya? j/k give me a minute to make the screenshot. It's alot slower then before. Also it was running fine til I messed with the services and this is the first time this has happened! :mad: I really dislike new discoveries like this.

    Also another thing. I have a TBird 1.4 on an Abit KT7A-RAID. Well I tried to up the FSB to 145, but no luck. I even set the I/O Voltage up along with the Core voltage and still had problems. So I have to set it to 140 and I have no problems with it. Any ideas on that?
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    well I am going to reformat AGAIN
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    ok I'm back and running good so far. I haven't changed the services yet. If I set a restore point and then mess with the service, if I restore will it set the service back? Also Alec did you see my post of bootvis? It won't run :mad:
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    yeah I saw that and made sure they were on and it still gave the error
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    Here's the link to the post and it has an attachment of the error (screenshot)

    BootVis Post
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    Ok clean install of XP no services touched.

    Attached in the default for all the service. Can you tell me which would be safe to turn off and that I don't need?
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    Maybe I can help here...

    Services to disable...

    Indexing Service
    Nvidia Driver Helper Service
    Remote Registry
    Smart Card
    Smart Card Helper
    SSDP Discovery Service
    Universal Plug and Play Device Host
    Automatic Updates
    Performance Logs and Alerts
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Routing and Remote Access
    Uninteruptable Power Supply (Unless you have one, than stick on manual)
    Wireless Zero Configuration
    Human Interface Device Access

    Now, these, take a look at some of them to make sure you arent using them. Some of these I leave off because *I* dont use them, but yours might be different.

    To put on manual...

    Alerter - Computer Browser (everything in between also)
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator
    Fast User Switching
    IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service (Disabled if you dont use it)
    Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
    MS Software Shadow Copy Provider - Network Location Awareness
    NT LM Security Support Provider
    QoS RSVP - Remote Access Connection Manager
    Remote Procedure Call Locator
    Removable Storage
    Terminal Services
    Volume Shadow Copy
    Windows Installer
    Windows Management Intrumentation Driver Extensions
    WMI Performance Adapter

    The rest I would leave automatic

    Check through it, post if you have any questions. I *think* I got through the whole list, but but yours wasnt exactly alphabetical, etc, and I might ahve missed something. Mine is rather liberal, so Alex might be able to recommend some others. I prefer to play it safe.

    Hope this helps
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    I know what you mean. The disabled list I gave him shouldnt do any harm though. I could have gone ripshot through that, but figured otherwise. Unless he uses Telnet and Remote Desktop, it should be ok. If he does use them, its fairly explanatory *not* to disable them, as I mentioned in my post :)

    The rest should work ok on manual if the OS needs them.

    I dont see how doing much more is going to save him resources, which is what I believe hes trying to do...
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    I agree that ha may not have let the optimizations kick in. But I would also agree that his services were FUBARed when he posted this (no offense meant, ZipTriX), and was causing a major amount of problems for his speed, probably the exact thing you pointed out to him.

    BTW, how are you coming on the SD patch? Is it still in progress, or on the back burner?
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    Well see the reason I want to shut them off is, why have them on if I don't use them? Kind of like, why have skis when you don't know how to ski?

    Do this the easy way.
    Depends on what you want to do & what you are doing there first!

    Some questions:

    1.) Are you running a home network LAN?

    Not yet, but will after christmas, but NO internet sharing/firewall. Will be using a Cisco Router. :D

    2.) Are you doing any File or Printer sharing??

    Read answer above

    3.) Are you doing or running any applications developement or applications that use Distributed COM services/DCOM???

    Distributed COM services????????

    4.) Do you print alot????

    Yes...print about 100 pages a day.

    5.) Do you ever run processes or programs under another User ID, e.g.-> rightclick on .exe files in Explorer.exe & use RunAs?????

    No never

    6.) Do you run applications on a scheduled basis, e.g.=> LiveUpdates or Scheduled backups of the system??????

    Nah.....do all updates myself

    "* Answer those & get back to me... sorry for the lag, am finalizing my "APK Registry Cleaning Engine 6.0++" here & testing is almost completed, has been taking up my time!"

    lol....I'm not affected by the lag, is this normal and ok? j/k

    Going to do a new shot so you can see what I have disabled right now. Last night I set them all back to default, because something is making windows explorer lag (when using Win Key + E)
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    Oh, is that what your waiting on?

    I wouldnt bother waiting any more, as I've heard no response from them :rolleyes:


    Hey, go ahead and shoot me off your latest version, I'd love to run it...

    BTW, does it still move the MFT and MFT slackspace around?

    Thanks, man.
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    Here it is. Black dots mean I want to get rid of, blue lines mean WTF is this and why do I need it?
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    When you click on the services, you will be given a definition of what they are just to the left of them. If you double click on the service, and hit the dependencies tab, that will show what services either depend on it, or that service depends on them.

    Check those out, and post back if you have any questions.

    P.S> Shell Hardware Detection is , I believe, related to Plug-n-Play. You need that one. StylesXP Service is related to StylesXP, which you more than likely installed. It is the GUI Theming program.
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    Yes I got rid of the stylexp service, by installing some version before beta 4. For the shell detection, it detects when a disc is inserted and will ask you what you want to do.

    This service doesn't tell what it does (WMDM PMSP Service). It runs C:\WINDOWS\System32\MsPMSPSv.exe. :confused: I think it relates to my soundcard. Never needed it before, doesn't make my sound any different. I think it will say hello to the other unneeded services :)
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    Huh. Thats weird.

    Theres the possibility that it was showing the *MFT Slackspace* as being changed, and not the MFT itself. All I know is, It would move the MFT freespace to the top of the graph. Whether it was moving the *MFT* with it is a mystery, as its hard to tell with the SD graph.

    Now, when telling SD to not move the MFT, does the MFT Freespace get included in that or is it separate. All I'm trying to say is, when I last tested it, SD moved the MFT FS. Then when scanning again later on, XP had already moved it elsewhere. Then it got moved again.

    This is the *only* issue I have right now with SD. Are you seeing the same thing? I'm curious.

    If I can get over the MFT thing, thats it, patch ready for delivery as far as I'm concerned :cool:

    Can you send me the latest version? Mine got toasted when my HD went corrupted.

    Thanks man, I think we're there...SWEEEET! :D
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    errrrrrrrr this is for my problems :p j/k

    Is your program done Alec? I'm about to IMAGE my hard drive and try it again. We will see if it happens again.
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    Hehe, This always happens. Alex & I excel at hijacking other threads. Sorry about that.

    Of course, he did the mother of all hijackings with Goatmans thread :D :D :D
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    Was that the registry thread? lol

    Alec you lost me with your post. I'm going to re read it. Also this might help some. I am on DLS (requires a username and password) :(