Opening CD-Rom from command prompt?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by shorty420, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    What command can i use to open my cd rom from the command prompt either in DOS or within windows? Thanks for any help guys.
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    you just have to switch to the drive letter that the cdrom is...for example if you are in the command prompt

    you'd type D: if you were trying to get to the D drive and so on :)
  3. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    I think you may have misundestood me but it's cool. i want the actual cd rom to eject the tray not just have windows access it. i need it for a script for a robot program.
  4. shorty420

    shorty420 Guest

    need some help here guys>