OpenGL in windows xp

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 1bLaDe1, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. 1bLaDe1

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    hi, i have sum intel 3d card, and i use windows xp pro ... my problem is, to play sum games i need to have OpenGL installed, i cant find it for windows xp, any help?

  2. DrX

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    You need to upgrade your graphics card drivers ....

    The standard XP Graphics card drivers which come with XP dont have OpenGL support
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    uhm lol how do i do that?

  6. rt_kramerica

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    do you know what kinda video card you have?
    nvidia:, download dentonator
    radeon, rage, ati anything:, look for drivers
    s3, stealth, monster, viper, diamond:, go to legacy under support (did any of these even have opengl? i think viper did)
    those are like the major ones you'll find around today
    its simple really... if you don't know what you have, in your control panel, open system, and go to the hardware tab, and click device manager... the submenu 'display adaptor' will tell you what you have... just go to the website of your card manufacturer, and look for support/downloads, or drivers... make sure you ONLy download drivers for YOUR card
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    thnx for the reply^

    i got Intel 82810 Graphics controller, i tried the intel site, but maby didnt look hard enough, i'll try again

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    never mind, i got it :D thnx for the replyes everyone!