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    i get a great problem with my internet connection

    i´m connected to the internet via dsl over a dsl router, my connection was good.

    For two days i have got problems with downloading files.

    When i try to download some files from websites with right click ->
    and "save as" the download starts but after some time the download freezes and i get a message "Connection to server lost" (or something like that).

    I tried to download from different site but always the same.
    from a friend i got flashget, it the same flasget downloads then lost connection so i have to resume the download.

    And i think my connection is very slow.

    PLZ help me

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    All is not lost

    There are some tools for you to work out where the problem is

    Go to a command prompt and type

    ping (your isp)

    example : ping www.isp.com

    And see if all the packets arrive - if not it will say timeout


    At command prompt do

    tracert your ISP or Yahoo

    Example tracert www.isp.com

    If you get time outs - Contact your ISP or mail them the information you have gathered
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    i will try it.
  4. rok

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    i tried it with no effect, no timeout nothing.
    but my downloads still are 0,3 kB/s with dsl