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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lanky10, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Need some help pleezzzeee
    When i click on a link from within a web page all that happens is the title bar flashes and nothing else no web page no nowt the firewall from windows xp is switched of and i have no other firewall installed i also have norton 2002 installed bang upto date

    This problen just sorta started no errors no warnings just flashing

    Any help would be appreciated

    My system is
    Amd athlon 1.4 gig
    Jetway motherboard 867as pro
    512 meg ddr 2100
    Gforce 2 elsa gladiac
    40gig plus 60 gig hd`s
    Pioneer 106s dvd slot
    Mitsumi 24x burner plus a liteon 40x burner
    And a creative dx3r dvd decoder card
    External 56k modem..............:confused:

    * Edit: there, no shouting :) BB*
  2. ouch! no need to shout :eek: ;), i'm sure someone can hear and may know how to help... not me though, sorry, sounds odd - maybe check your internet explorer options and try resetting them to defaults?
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    sorry for SHOUTING :p

    got a habit of not turning of the caps lock

    anyway giving it a try will let you know ]if it works

    ta in advance.....................:cool: