News Online Gaming More Popular than Downloading Music & Films

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    People in the UK now spend more time playing games online than they do downloading music or films, according to the latest Communications Market Report from Ofcom.

    The report's findings state that 39% of those surveyed played games online, compared with 38% who download music and film. TIGA, the Indepedent Games-Developers' Association, have put this down to "not just the rising popularity of games but also the trend towards digital distribution".

    The CEO of TIGA, Dr Richard Wilson, expanded upon the news:

    "Ofcom’s report shows that the popularity of games continues to increase, with downloads of games surpassing that of music and films. It also shows that consoles are providing a door to the internet: 10 per cent of those surveyed used their PS3 or Nintendo Wii to watch programmes on the iPlayer."

    Digital distribution is big business and according to this latest news, it's a growing business that the industry is keen to promote.
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    It's got to be the easier access to and the better performance of the internet as well though.