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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ThreeDee, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. ThreeDee

    ThreeDee Guest

    I have winXP Pro

    its a fresh install with a new MSI KT266a pro2 w/o raid and Creative Audigy, and PNY GF3 Ti200 , and XP +1800
    everything runs fine, except when I am hooked up to internet via my cnet200 $20 nic through dsl external modem using a ppoe connection...

    I get a 2 second stutter while doing online games..the game will play fine when not on internet tho, so apparently a resource conflict perhaps with the nic, but I havent encountered this before using same nic with older via chipset mobo (ASUS P3V4X).. and anything with 98se..

    just browsing internet is solid and fast for the service I am used to getting...its just the combination of internet and a 3d application I guess....

    I have tried unistalling the nic and trying the various slots on mobo...I have also tried moving the soundcard around as well as removing it altogether...I have tried reassigning IRQ's to the nic of which it seems to use 17 and the soundcard and video were showing using 16....

    any suggestions before I go out and buy a new nic? ..and I usually use this ethernet card to put in systems I build or re-setup for friends or family to get them online to get all updates and what not and usually play some online games with them to test the systems out, and never encountered this little 2 second stutter in the games while online....

    no lock ups on my system or anything like that...the stutter is just about every 2 seconds the game hesitates fer a fraction of a second and then plays catch up so it looks like it misses a frame or two in the game...

    ...thanks for any help and/or input
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    is this all online games? like is it everquest type games or just games like quake 3? cause it sounds more like a lag problem then a video problem do you have good latency to the servers you are playing on?
  3. ThreeDee

    ThreeDee Guest

    ..its when I am connected to internet, I dont have to be on any particular server...just connected to the net in background not even having a web page open just a connection and nothing else and playing a single player game of some sort...when not connected to the internet playing the same game , all is good...
  4. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    That sounds like a definite problem with your nic conflicting with your vid board if it is effecting games even when they aren't online might try moving your nic to a different slot, sorry man
  5. ThreeDee

    ThreeDee Guest

    ..yeah tried different slots with same result...

    I went and bought a Linksys nic, and all is better..hmmm

    thanks fer responses