one or two sticks of ddr

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wyrlwyn, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. wyrlwyn

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    i'm planning on building a pentium 4 system soley for the perposes of overclocking it. i plan on getting ap4 @ 2.8gs, an asus p4pe and either two sticks of 256mb corsair or one stick of 512mb ddr 400. would one stick overclcok better then two?
  2. scriptasylum

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    I've heard there are stability issues when using two sticks, but that was for the via KT400 chipset. Not too sure about the Intel one.

    You might want to get 2 sticks because when Intel (or AMD) motherboards begins to support dual channel DDR, you'll already have two sticks, kinda like in the nforce2 boards.
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    i would like to think that its a bit like sex..but its hard to imagine.
    think of it this way, and i'll be as in depth as i can.

    having sex with two women alyways goes off in a way that one just NEVER will. add a bit of alcohol, and you can over clock those puppies for hours on end!

    however, if you're after something longer term, one will do just fine.
  4. wyrlwyn

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    well, the sex inaligy makes sence. and i want as many options open as i can, i will wait on dual ddr chipsets that actually work with 8x, but it would be nice to have two sticks when i switch to dual ddr, right now, i'm looking at a p4pe, a single channel mobo from asus. has all the overclocking options, and only 4x agp, whch means that a radeon 9700 will actually work.
  5. GoNz0

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    as far as i know with corsair (got some) running 1 x 512 will alows a cas latency of 2, while 2 sticks bumps this to cas 2.5
  6. BonyTony

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    Buy one stick of 512 better for overclocking and stability...know this from experience...also do some research into the exact memory you require as sometimes reputation exceeds the actual product.
  7. jumpy

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    This is a good thread discussing the issue.
    I'd suggest go for the two sticks - You still have another slot free if you need to upgrade further. But if the third stick you add is slower than the corsair, it will limit you to the slower stick speed. 512Mb will do you fine for a while anyways.
  8. Nick M

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    Get two. I have two 512MB sticks. If one dies, I have another one :)
  9. Sazar

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    yup there is nothing wrong with 2 clips... I actually bench higher with my 2 clips than when I had a single clip of ddr... so go figure :)

    overall there is a slight but noticeable improvement in performance for me... but while I was multitasking I was using a lot of my available memory... now I have around 400 free so it makes a difference... winxp is a like a sponge lol sucks up all the availalbe mem you have :)
  10. Nick M

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    So right Sazar! Win Xp gobbles ram :)
  11. NetRyder

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    I would probably get one DIMM ... that leaves more slots free for later upgrades if required.
  12. wyrlwyn

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    ok, i put in the order for 2 sticks of 256mb corsair xms pc3200 dimms, and plan on ordering the mobo within the next few days.
    either the soyo p4i 845pe(i'm welsh, have a thing for dragons!) or the asus p4pe, and to finish it off, a nice new retail p4 @ 2.8gs.. need suggestions on the motherboards, first time intel builder here(built 6 athlon systems), so suggestions or coments welcomed!
  13. ZAnwar

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    Exactly what I would have done! :D
  14. chastity

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    The only suggestion I've got for you wyrlwyn is that you might not want to go with the Soyo board. I had one and it crap out and I'm still waiting for a reply from them and its been about two years since it went and crap out and also when it did it trashed the harddrive. I got that replaced with no trouble but I've never gotten a reply from Soyo about the board. I say the Asus board is the better of the two but its your call.
  15. zoey

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    I'm on my second soyo have not had any problems. Some people have good luck, someone gets a bad one. Not very good customer service for them not to have settled!
  16. Pythro

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    Well I just ordered an Asus P4PE with one stick of 512mb corsair pc3200. I'll let you know how it goes.
  17. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    i bought my p4pe yesturday...
    i'm so axious to use it though... i don't have a p4 yet...