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  1. DeepBlade

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    ok, here is my story, i hope u read it and give input, or better yet, a solution

    one day, i decided to install SP1
    before sept 9, th official release date....?
    i installed it
    when i reboot, my loading windows and login screens were the original ones
    and my visual style was back to old xp
    i ran stylexp, it says it won't work with this build of xp
    so ok, ferget about visual style, i wanted to get my login and loading screen back. so.....

    i extract the files to c:\temp
    reboot into command safe mode
    i replace the files in c:\windows\system32\
    i reboot
    next thing i know, after the loading screen, which was i'm assuming, sucessfully changed, cause it showed up, the screen quickly flashes a blue screen with something like error 3895743435435 (lotsa numbers) and resets in a fraction of a second, so i couldn't read wat it says, so it'll keep resetting by itself over and over again once it gets to a few seconds after the loading screen stops moving

    so..... maybe i should just 'repair' using the xp cd in boot mode
    i put in xp cd, reboot, tell it to repair, goes through process, and now i'm back to having normal boot screen and login screen, is there a way around this?????
  2. gonaads

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    Well you must install Style XP v. 1.01L to run Style XP on SP1.

    And there have been reports floating around of boot screens not working in SP1 and screwing up XP. But I don't know yet of any Patches or work arounds.
  3. lynchknot

    lynchknot Moderator

    Nope.. no boot screens..............not yet. :)
  4. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Next time you get caught in a loop like that try booting into safe mode & restore the originals.
  5. joshuajme

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    erm, hows about you just don't bother! For the sake of your computer just working leave it alone. Waste ur time on more usefull things.
  6. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    Do the logon still work I havent tried any of mine yet.
  7. mbunny

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    I don't know about you guys but Login Screens work fine for me...

    Logon Loader works perfectly fine and i'm using my kewl logon as we speak...

    Logon Loader Homepage
  8. Chief

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    I'm using Logon Loader also and it's working perfectly. Didn't need to change anything in the pre-SP1 logon screens to get them to work.

    I haven't tried bootscreens yet, but I figure I'll just modify the SP1 ntoskrnl the same way I modified the pre-SP1 ntoskrnl, using ResHacker. I'll let you know if it works. ;)