Older LucasArts software on Windows XP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Shellhead, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Shellhead

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    Hey fellow XP users,

    Has anyone successfully run older LucasArts software (in particular, Behind The Magic and Episode I: Insider's Guide) on Windows XP? They were designed for 95/98 and developed with DirectX 6.0/6.1 but will they be able to run in application compatibility mode, a feature in Windows XP? Or will this be a total waste of time? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

    -- Shellhead
  2. Hud

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    I don't know about the games you mentioned but "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" is running ok in XP.
  3. dijital

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    i'm going to try x-wing alliance. i'll let you know how it works out.
  4. Shellhead

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    Hey Hud,

    Thanks for the reply...was there a need for the application compatibility mode? Is your PC using FAT-32 or NTFS?

    And hey dijital,

    I'd love to hear how your case turns out.

    By the way, Behind The Magic and Episode I: Insider's Guide are actually reference CDs (sort of an encyclopedia) but there are some animated menus, 3D explorations, etc.


  5. RobbieSan

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    I managed to get Xwing Alliance running okay.. it would crash on me here and there though..

    if you have problems installing or running a 95/98 game trying telling XP to run it in 95 or 98 mode. Right click the setup file on the cd, properties, compatibility, 95 or 98.
  6. Hud

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    I'm running fat 32 and no compatibility mode. I did do a update from LucasArts but I don't know what it fixed because I haven't noticed any difference. I'm about halfway through the game and haven't had any problems.
  7. Shellhead

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    Behind The Magic

    Hey guys! Just a quick update here. Received an email from LucasArts Tech Support and they said while Behind The Magic and Episode I: Insider's Guide are not officially supported on Windows XP, they didn't have any problems running either of the twosome on XP.

    Installed Behind The Magic on XP Home (NTFS) without using compatibility mode a couple days ago and it worked out just fine. Haven't installed Insider's Guide yet but there shouldn't be a problem since it's just an Episode I version of BTM. After installing BTM, I get a warning message that it should be running in 16-bit mode...so I just have to make sure I remember switching resolution modes before/after running BTM.

    -- Shellhead
  8. If you realy like the game you might want to consider making your system duel boot. This means that you either have a harddrive with more than one partition on it, or more than one physiscal harddrive. And have Win98 or 95 on the other partition. This is a sure fire way to be able to play all of the older games :)
  9. Hydryst

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    Just a quick word for all of you Lucasarts fans out there : If you haven't downloaded LEC Quick And Easy you should do it now ! It solves all those sound problems and it's very simple to use .

    - Hydryst -
  10. dijital

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    i tried xwing alliance and it works fine.