Old NT4 Domain Controller. Need backup solution.

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by itreyger, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. itreyger

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    We have old NT4 Domain Controller. it was built some years ago. No BDC. There is a risk that if this PDC goes "south" it will affect business. I just wanted to know what would be the best backup solution now. This PDC should be up maybe another 6-8 month. This domain controller acts also as DHCP server. I was thinking to built BDC or maybe make an image of it. Please let me know what solution would be the best and less risky. Thanks
  2. Nismo83

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    Maybe u can try backup all the user profiles (group policy, etc. etc.) that is stored inside together with all the DHCP details (eg. start range of IP addresses and so on). The rest shouldn't be much of an issue i would say. As for the data, you can try backup them (after the days end.. basically it means everyone going back to their cosy homes and you are sitting right in front of the PC/server) into a shared folder on a workstation.

    Hope this helps. And please correct me if i'm wrong. Only did 1 server migration only.
  3. APetros

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    why not try active administrator, it can backup and restore for Domain Controller, but I don't sure for old NT4 server.
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    Active Administrator is designed for Active Directory - doesn't apply to NT4 domains.

    If you aren't doing backups now, I would start. Even an NT Backup and including system state off to tape would be a start.

    Beyond that, you can get a BDC up and running, it would be good as well.