Old HDD, New Mobo, same old windows

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Grier, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Grier

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    Never stops giving grief I guess, anyhoo...the story goes like this

    Wll after the upgrading my old graphic card and PSU, I hadn't put the case on because of fan orientation and somehow a 10p got into the thing, fried my motherboard, thank goodness my 6800GT is ok (just always have to plug I have one...see?)

    Well anyways, I got a new motherboard k7n2 Delta and a new 2800+ xp w/ new heatsink. Got everything installed last night, used the same PSU (it was some fancy one that can trip out and stuff with no bother) and it shows a boot menu with options like last configuration that was good, safe mode, windows config and normal.

    None of these work, as the screen flickers a blue screen and restarts too quickly to see whats on it when an option is chosen.

    Searching forums elsewhere said that after a new mother board installation windows gets picky because parts of it are actually stored on the motherboard (had never heard of this) and a repair should do the job. Problem there though too: stick in my recovery disc, hit F8, boot from CD and it cuts out =/

    any ideas?? there's a cookie in it for yas...
  2. Son Goku

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    Umm, I don't know who told you parts of the OS are stored on the mobo, but I think they're confused. It gets installed to the hard drive.

    Here's the problem though. If the motherboard is different (different chipset or what not), then the hardware is different, and hence could need different drivers. You might be able to do a repair, but personally, when swapping out the mobo to something other then the same exact make/model, I would recommend a format and reinstall. The only prob for you might be that unless you took a backup from somewhere, your data could be lost.

    Do you have a spare HD, or one you can borrow from a friend or something, to do a quick install, backup your data? If so, your best bet would be a backup then a format...

    You might be able to try a restore, if you can force it to scan all your hardware and then install the appropriate drivers. I've never bothered trying that myself however...
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    Sounds like you still have a hardware problem. What are your specs? CPU? RAM? so on?

    You might have to go barebones. Take all the pci cards out, unplug the floppy. See if it will repair.

    Why do you say your video card is OK? Have you run a memory tester?
  4. Grier

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    Well my old mobo was an ECS Elite 7vmm, or somethin like that number. IT had a 2100+ in it. Now an MSI KT3V with a 2800+. I have an old hard drive, had a go at reinstalling windows on that yesterday and use my main one with important data as a slave. However, something else must be faulty, When I load the master disc, the cd drive will run up to speed and then the computer just switches itself off, needing the power lead to be removed from PSU for a sec or two. I've switched my 6800GT for a GeForce 4 Ti4600 and no luck there. Tried different PSUs, 450watt, 250 watt, and a 200 watt one. Tried different CD drives, that sort of stuff. CPU is running around 60 Degrees and voltages are all where they should be, any help would be greatly appreciated, It's already cost £200 for new mobo and CPU hope no more!

    Ram is samsung (perhaps? comp was from PC world, originally a 3309 series but these sticks are pretty much all that remain, case has been changed too)

    What would be causing this to cut out is more important now as I cant get to reinstall!
  5. Grier

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    oh hipster doofus, ill try taking floopy out, didnt try that. Surely If the screen comes up and stuff would it not mean the card is ok? fan works too. According to my gf my chin started to wobble when things wouldnt turn back on again =/
  6. Son Goku

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    A RAM problem could cause one grief. Is there another box you can check your RAM in, or some other RAM that you can try. If you have sticks plural, perhaps try one at a time, and see if perhaps one is bad, and the other is not...
  7. Grier

    Grier OSNN One Post Wonder

    but why would ram be the prob if i can load it up a bit? sometimes i can get right up to the part of installation where i stick next disk in, which is a good 10 min in or so.

    ill try sticks one at a time though ;)


    Ok, decided that I might as well investigate heat being a factor. So I took off the fan, noticed some of the thermal interface material had come off the copper on the underside of heatsink. This was at the very edge of the cooper boundary so i decided to switch the fan around, the opposite direction. Booted up, into BIOS and it held at aroud 43 when before it was up at 70 odd sometimes. So I went ahead and did a reinstall from my master discs, however I now get this error on start up (its pretty long:)

    "A problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer

    If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard disk corruption and then restart your computer.

    Technical information:
    ***STOP: 0xF894D640, OxC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

    I presume this was the screen that flickered when I loaded up with other computer. The reason I suspect this has happened is because I reinstalled on the hard drive with my advent recovery discs, and I guess they just install drivers for the default motherboard. So I guess a copy of XP Home is about to be bought? Any way around this?