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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by natefrog, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. natefrog

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    this is an idea i had
    i just want to know if it's possible

    i run a router to split my cable connection between my desktop and laptop

    now what i'd like to do is have two differant users on the desktop each one with a differant ip address so that i can have dmz host opened on one users ip for when i want to play online gamews and anything else that i'll need allot of ports open for whatever reason then the other user ip be blocked by the routers firewall for normal surfing and computer use

    so really what i'm asking is it possible to have a differant ip for differant users on windows XP Pro ???

    the router is a linksys BEFSR41
  2. Reg

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    No. IPs are a per nic bases, not per user.
  3. natefrog

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    i do have 2 nic's 1 is just not installed right now\is there a way to set each user to use a differant nic

    i'd like to do this because i like having that hardware firewall that stealths every port but it interfers whenever i want to play games

    turning dmz host on fixes that but exposes all my ports also so i wouldn't like to be like that for long periods of time

    other options i have would be to turn dmz host on and off every time i want to play a game but that's a pain
    when all i'd have to do is log off user, leave currant programs running, sign on as the dmz host user, play my game then go back to the other user when i'm finished
  4. Zedric

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    How about always having DMZ off and just mapping the appropriate ports through? Two cards will give you two IP:s, yes but to both users, not one each.
  5. Gokou

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    Well you could do it through different hardware profiles. So at boot time you could choose what profile that you would want, DMZ or normal. Other than that there is really no other way other then to buy another computer and use it for the DMZ host.
  6. open_source

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    You can alos alias multiple IP's to one NIC.