oh god im a moron

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by fail_safe, Jan 16, 2002.

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    Hey all, i know im a friggen moron, but i got a little too happy while changing file types and the like, and somehow managed to make my drives open up in acdsee. Not a big deal normally, except that the regular "open" dialog wasnt there, no biggie again, just add it open with iexplorer.exe now my problem is that i dont know what to put after iexplorer.exe in the shortcut to make it open in the same window. Not that its a big deal, but it is getting really annoying when they open in new windows all the time. :) and again, yes i know im a moron.
  2. Qumahlin

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    just goto tools, then folder options, then file types, select the files you need to deal with and just use set default and everything will be yippee skippee again :)...unless you really want your drives opening in acdsee, then i'm at a loss heheh
  3. fail_safe

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    not quite

    Wish it were that simple, i already have it set as default, its just a matter of telling explorer how i want it to open it. Right now it thinks it should automatically open in a new window. Dont ask how the default open command got lost, but sure as hell it wasnt in there when i was done. So i had to redoe the whole shebang, i know there is something to put on the end of the shortcut, i just dont know what it is.
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    I have the same problem!!! I have no idea what the hell is happening!! ARGH!!
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    I presume you have gone to folder options>general and checked the 'open in same window' button
    Also in IE properties>advanced scroll down to find the "reuse windows when launching shortcuts" (under browsing and 4th one up from "underline links") and see if that is checked.
    Don't knowif that will help but is worth a shot.
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    check and check,

    Yep, i already got those two checked, and no help to be had by it. I know it has to be in the open command though, because it only does it with drives. it will open control panel and the like in the same window, just my hard/cd drives that open in new windows. Confuses the fuq out of me! Thanks for the help anyway though!