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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nobby, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Nobby

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    Anybody have a working copy of the service pack or a fix for this update.

    I can't update using the auto procedure.
  2. surge

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    is your office XP legal, or a warez copy ? if so the SP wont update on warez office XP's
  3. TR!GG3R

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    Ahem ;)
  4. jw50

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    Nobby, I cut and pasted this from an earlier thread, it does work, I have done this a couple of times.

    Office Service Pack Install

    I just happened to cut and paste for future use..................

    Follow all of these instructions to the letter and you can apply SP1.

    If you tried to apply the Office XP SP1 patch to your copy of the Corporate version and keep getting an error message like "Error applying patch to C:\config.msi\PT121A.tmp" here is what you need to do to successfully apply the patch.

    NOTE: I assume your boot drive is C:. Change drive letter if necessary.

    First of all you need to download this file:

    NOT OXPSP1.EXE !!!!!!!!!!!!! You need the Administrative version of the patch.

    1. Put your Office XP cd in your cd-rom drive

    2. Click start

    3. Click Run

    4. Type "D:setup /a" (This will install a VALID ADMINISTRATIVE POINT INSTALLATION)
    I assume your CD-ROM is D:. If not use the correct CD-ROM drive letter.

    5. Specify the Organization/CD-Key/And location (make location C:Office)

    6. Let it install

    7. Extract the oxpsp1a.exe to (C:adminupdate)

    8. Click Start

    9. Click Run

    10. Type "msiexec /p C:\adminupdate\MAINSP1_Admin.msp /a C:\Office\proplus.msi"

    11. DON'T specify Organization/CD-Key/ or change the location

    12. Let it install

    13. Click Start

    14. Click Run

    15. Type "msiexec /p C:\adminupdate\OWC10SP1_Admin.msp /a C:\Office\owc10.msi"

    16. DON'T specify Organization/CD-Key/ or change the location

    17. Let it install

    18. Click Start

    19. Click Run

    20. Type "msiexec /i C:\Office\proplus.msi REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus"

    21. YOU SHOULD HAVE OFFICE XP SP-1! V.10.3416.3501

    22. You may delete the C:adminupdate and C:Office directory now...

    23. I made a back-up of the C:Office before deleting!
  5. Reg

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    Arlington, TX
    Make a backup!!!

    If you choose to do the install part from c:\office, any time you need to do an update which will require a disc, it will only read from c:\office.

    What I did was burn the office directory to a disc and ran the SP1 from there.
  6. X-Istence

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    nice, now i only need to find a copy of Office XP ;)
  7. surge

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    All thoes people that have "legal" office XP's would normaly got microsofts web site to get that kinda info,
    me thinks that nobby has a Warez copy
  8. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    i use windows web site and.........;) i dont have a problem i did at first till i releised if u update office by another app or by a diff web site it corupts the office sp1 instalation :( so if u use big fix i think its called DONT USE IT TO UPDATE OFFICE XP :) :D
  9. Skwowwy

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    Err... I did what you said, jw50, but the version says 10.2627.2625, so I'm not sure if the SP1 patch is actually working. o_O And I did exactly what you said.
  10. gapman

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    That link doesn't work for the SP1a download. Do have the right one?
  11. maz4ruth

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    I downloaded the file "oxpsp1.exe" (17.4 MB) from the Microsoft Office update site, ran the file and it worked...

    Of course I have the *cough cough* "Not bought from the shop" version :eek:

    Here is a screenshot of the "About Microsoft Word" window, does it seem ok?
  12. gapman

    gapman Guest

    It gave you no errors whatso ever? Did you do the steps above or it just worked without having to do anything?
  13. maz4ruth

    maz4ruth Guest

    I got no errors, nothing...

    I just downloaded the Service Pack and ran it.

    I never done any of the steps above.
  14. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict

    ok iam gonner come clean about my office xp pro and frontpage express, i installed the Sp1 from a cd that came with a pc mag and it installed find :D i guess some builds of office XP are locked out of the sp there was an artical about ths on the net some time ago.
    btw my 1st *cough* office xp didnt update but microsoft seem to think iam a legal user because ages ago the gave 30day trials out to the public i regestered my copy and they didnt evern say that it was a 30day trial ;)
  15. jw50

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    I guess I wasn't very clear before but those are not my instructions, I just copied them from an earlier thread on this forum because I thought it would be easier for Nobby than linking to the earlier post. The credit for the instructions should go to SunbeamHigh who originally posted them. I would think that as long as the version says SR1 then the patch was installed properly.

    BTW, there were alot of users with legal versions of Office XP that got the same error message trying to install the service pack as some people did with a non-legal version. There were also alot of people with non-legal versions that had no problem installing the service pack from the Microsoft site.
  16. Skwowwy

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    Well, umm... There isn't a SP-1 thingie behind the version number. >_< Check the attachment.

    Oh, and does the fact that I uninstalled Office XP first before I did those steps and then reinstalled it when I came to step 20 has something to do with it?

    I think so, but I want to know for sure. If that's the case, I'll try again, but this time with the original Office XP already installed.
  17. Skwowwy

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    Ahh, crap. Forgot the attachment. *dies* 21:54 here and I'm tired. Meh... *attachs*
  18. Reg

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    Here's what to do

    Burn the contents of your c:\office directory to a 700MB CD-R. Once it burns, run the setup on the disc. It will detect an older version of Office XP and ask you if you would like to upgrade. Hit Yes or OK and it will update it.

    The link that was given for the install does not work all the time on some systems.

    As for the lockout of Office XP, there was no lockout. When Office XP Pro "Upgrade" came out, it had a different build version than the Office XP Pro Full that is sold now. Due to the version difference, Office XP running the old version will not update using the online update. This was a flaw with Microsoft, not the software. The administrative install works fine on those versions (the install you just performed).
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    Here we go again.