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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Dirty_Sanchez, May 8, 2002.

  1. Help...........Anyone!!??!!

    Just downloaded glass stlye office icons, but i cannot get word or any other office app. to allow me to change the icon as it is blanked out when right clicking and going to properties. I am logged in as admin?

    Any ideas much appreciated:D
  2. Outlaw21

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    Same thing here, don't know the answer, sorry.

    Bill Gates ya tosser:mad:
  4. Hey dude, just figured it out.......

    just create a new shortcut to whatever office app, eg word.
    right click and you'll find the change icon button is no longer hidden:D

    Bill Gates is the best;)
  5. Outlaw21

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    Cool, but I dissed my glass icons, where did I get them?
  6. Does "dissing them", is that the same difference as "deleting them". If so, and you want again, just download from the XP themes-style from tjis website.

    ps. just save the *.ico in the office folder, ie where all the office exe's are located. create your shortcuts on the desktop or where ever, and point them to the glass icons then right click ya taskbar and hit properties. Click on the advanced tab in the start menu and you can copy an' paste ya glassy icons in there so they come up when you hit start an' go into programs:cool:
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    At the risk of appearing stupid, I can find them.
  8. Thats a big risk dude! Sorry for trying to be helpful, next time i'll make a point of posting on a forum site for help, and then find the answer and the put a post up saying " I FOUND THE ANSWER".

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    Hey sorry Dirty, I mistyped. I meant to say I CAN'T find them, you know....stupid me.
    I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, honest.
    I meant even after your reply, I STILL CAN'T find them.
    Could you be more specific as to where they are?
  10. Outlaw21

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    Got 'em.
    Again, sorry for the mistype.
    Thanx alot buddy.