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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Lukas, Apr 29, 2002.

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    I browsed through some forums trying to find a solution to my problem but none have worked so far. I installed PhPnuke, and I set up the database on mysql. I get the first page fine, and I get the admin.php page, but on this page after filling in the form and pressing submit, I just get the same page again.

    I tried directly entering a super-user in the database, in which case I get a page with admin-ID and password but despite my giving the correct login / pw I just get the same login page again (no error or message saying wrong PW)

    I have made sure all the access rights on my files/directories are correct. I have checked that phpnuke is correctly accessing the database (ie is connected and seems to query correctly, since it detects the fact the nuke_authors table is empty or not)

    The rest of the site does not work yet and gives me a page with just 'sorry you can't access this file directly...' but I assume that is because I have not set up a super-user.

    Does anyone have a solution?


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    Sounds like it is either not updating the files properly or the cookies are not being removed

    try this

    Load ie and goto

    tools->internet options->settings->tick the every visit to the page box if that doesnt work try

    tools->internet options->delete cookies & delete files make sure you tick the delete all offline files box

    NOTE this will erase cookies and you will have to re login

    hope this helps

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    or if you like you can e-mail me at and i can help you setup i will require access levels temp but once the site is up and running you can remove me.

    i also forgot to mention that you have to logout of admin and normal accounts before you can relogin with differnet account

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    First and foremost, I think PHPNUKE is over rated and it is much better to start from scratch. In my opinion it makes your life much easier if you design your site to include exactly what you want it to include.

    However, if you insist on using PHPNUKE, they do offer a great website for technical support concerning PHPNUKE/PHP issues. Follow the link below: