odd xp-erience

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by exiter, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. exiter

    exiter Guest

    sorry for the play on words :p

    This is what happened:
    I rebooted after a day or two being online and almost 4 days being up with just the OS. I went to relogin to the net and nothing happens. No dialog box for my leet ISDN login. I look in the Network Connections folder through the start menu and it's gone. I figured it uninstalled itself (I have seen Windows do this before in older versions e.g. Win9x.) I run the wizard and choose the manual setup and usually gives me 3 options dialup, LAN and broadband. Well the first 2 are grayed out. That's not good for me as I have leet dialup (ISDN). I figure maybe the modem has gone bonkers and check the device manager (The good old right click My Computer) and to my disbelief the Device Manager window is totally blank, empty! I have never seen this before. Since I have a ghost of a bare install of XP for this machine I reinstall in about 5 minutes. I kinda narrowed it down to a few programs install that may have caused this and didn't reinstall them. I also turn down the CPU to it's normal speed. Ran an antivirus (NAV 2002) and found nothing. Then to only have this happen again after a day this time.

    I wanted some opinions on this, some ideas, and/or similar experiences.

    I'm currently in IRC.
    Now I'm running only the XP firewall. (It was Norton's Personal Firewall 2002)
    Win XP has been fully updated.
    MY box:
    P4 1.5gHz @ 1.68gHz (was at this till this morning)
    384 pc 800 rambus
    abit th7-raid
    lite-on cd-rw 16x10x40x
    5x toshiba dvd rom
    western digital 60gb udma100 7200rpm
    maxtor 40gb udma100 7200rpm
    western digital 30gb ata66 5400rpm
    vertro geforce3 mx400 64mb sdram
    core @ 207 / memory @ 334mhz
    detonator v23.10 beta
    avitron 17" flat screen
    tiger jet pci 128k isdn-u adapter @ 128000bps
    SB live! 5.1
    windows xp corp. pro (5.1 build 2600)

    Any help will cherished!

  2. max

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    very strange ......... nope never has happened to me ...

    maybe a ghost in the machine ?

    if anything strange like that happens to me i run System file checker

    go to start - run - and type sfc

    usually fixes it.. some modem drivers also can cause this problem ... as they will overwrite an XP dll
  3. exiter

    exiter Guest

    Oh yea wierd is the werd!

    Windows XP uses it's own drivers for this type of modem.
    It auto sees the modem and the site even says just to use the native drivers coz I guess there not gonna update them anymore.

    I reinstalled the system, re-ghosted with all the good updates.
    It's still running but thanx for the tip and i'll update you on the if this 'wierd' thing happens again. :D