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Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by onewecallgod, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. onewecallgod

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    im getting an XP 2400 and what i need to know is:
    acceptable temp during OC
    highest OC speed i can get

    will Corsair Value 333mhz 512 die when i overclock?
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    overclocking is a gamble no one can tell you what will happen, if your stuff dies it dies. If you get a super over clock and get an extra ghz from our cpu more power to yah. and depending on how far you push the cpu will determine the temps. and I would guess that cpu would run temps around 115° or 50c idle.

    also personally I would go with OCZ ram its pretty much the best stuff on the market..... and uhhh crucial uhhh click the banners :p
  3. onewecallgod

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    im going to get some corsair CMX 512 DDR 333 which i think should be good enough

    i should be able to squeeze at least 100 mhz right?
  4. [CpK]Bastid

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    hope ur talkin about cpu mhz and not fsb
  5. onewecallgod

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    im talking about cpu
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    Probably up to 55 degrees is ok, but try to keep it 50 and below. If you find you are at fairly low temps, bumping the core voltage up slightly will help your overclock.

    Depends on your chip, luck of the draw, some are good some are bad. I would actually recommend getting a 2100+ these are excellent overclockers at a fraction of the price.

    It won't die, it probably just won't boot if you push it too far. If you want to push it a little further you can up the Vdimm a little if your board allows it. Which brings me to my next question, what motherboard are you going to be using because that will be one of the critical factors to you final overclock.

    And yes, 100mhz extra on the cpu should be easily acheivable.

    Just be prepared to lose components and their warranties when overclocking. Take a look at www.overclockers.com for some good guides, their forums are a good start for newcomers.

    Final overclocking tip: Take everything slowly, raise in small steps, test if stable, raise again, test, and so on. When it's not stable, back your o/c down.
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    i just got my new comp crap which is an Albatron KX400-8X mobo, 2400 XP, Kingston HyperX, Volcano 7

    when i pluged the cpu in, the first thing i wanted to know was whether it was locked or not. my cpu is factory unlocked:D! im running it @ 16x mulitpier instead of factory 15x right now and things are running smoothly. but now i need a temperature, fan, voltage sensing program. i tried motherboard moniter, but it doesnt support my board. does anyone have one that will?
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    now i have another question. this morning i decided to set the multipier to 16.5 which sends my cpu to 2200. it POSTs ok, but the comp automatically resets while loading XP. what i need to know is whether this reset is because there isnt enough volt going through the cpu, or its the overheating macinism(sp?)