NVidia Vanta Drivers & S3 drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by G-Lizard86, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. G-Lizard86

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    Hey you guys....on the 8th of september, my birthday, i'll get a new GF4 Ti4200, but untill then i'm stuck with this, I have a Diamond Stealth III S540 Xtreme 32 mb graphics card, which should be able to handle most games i play, but the problem is the card isn't supported anymore. At least, on the site (www.diamondmm.com) the last drivers that were brought out are from a year or more back, and do not support xp, so no when i start up a game the bloody thing just crashes, i tried the drivers for Win2000 but they don't work either.
    Second, a friend of mine said i could borrow his old card, which right now performes better than mine, its a Nvidia Vanta 16 mb, i want to get the latest drivers from the Nvidia page, but i don't know which to get.....any help? Greatly appriciated. Also, i've heard that there is a brand called Point of View, they also make GF4 Ti's, but they use 3.3ns memory on their Ti4200's....is that worth paying for?
  2. G-Lizard86

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    so there is no one on this whole forum who know anything about this????
  3. mbunny

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    Those are really old video cards =P

    Erm, isn't it past 8th of september already?
  4. G-Lizard86

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    lol i meant 8th of december
  5. G-Lizard86

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    yeah they are really old....i got mine in 1999, but Diamond should still support this card shouldn't they? and what about the Vanta?
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    You might try the Detonator driver, I'm running into a similar problem with an old Diamond TNT 16mb...XP installed the drivers ok but I need drivers for the TV-out. I couldn't get the Detonator drivers to work with mine though, it really sucks Diamond made some good video cards.
  7. G-Lizard86

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    yeah but mine has an S3 graphics chip, and not a Nvidia one....so that's even worse...