nvidia refresh tool vs nvidia refresh rate fix

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by djpapakas, May 25, 2002.

  1. djpapakas

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    Maybe you have already answered this question but I don't know where to find an answer...

    What is the main difference between the nvidia refresh tool and the nvidia refresh rate fix???

    Which one is better?

  2. Qumahlin

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    What nvidia refresh tool?
  3. Kucoloco

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    this should be interesting...............
  4. taz

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    hmmm... what difference does it make? the only main task these 2 programs do is changing/fixing refresh rate.. you can even do it manually if you know which registry to modify.. just use the one that works the best for you..
  5. Kucoloco

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    nv refresh

    i've played with diferent refresh fixes and stuff.. usually use gta3 to see if i feel any changes..

    so far i dont..
    maybe i gotta play with it alittle more.

    recently noticed a couple things i should probably consider.. but im at work right now..

    i'll keep on at it later
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  7. stuy_b

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    I cant remember which way round it is, but one ONLY works with detonators upto 23.11, the other ONLY works with 23.11 or higher.

    They both do the exact same thing, change monitor refresh rate, just with diferent looking interfaces.

    If your using 28.32 or higher get this...



  8. djpapakas

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    Thank you a lot for your answews!

    Not only you answered my question but you also suggested to me new tools. Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. djpapakas

    djpapakas Guest

    I downloaded the refresh rate locker. It seems a really nice program. Simple and does anything that you want from a program for refresh rates. If also works with different versions of detonator will be really excellent.

    Again, thanks for your advices...

    PS. Can I ask you also something that hasn't to do with refresh rates but with this forum?? How can I change the note "XP home user" under the nickname??? haha, I know that it sounds silly but I can't find it....
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    You have 2 post something like 20 posts I think b4 you can change it
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    You can change XP HOME after 10 posts !
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    10 posts eh ?

    thanks for telling me.. i was wondering how to change that as well... :D