Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix for 27.42?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by SirDeath, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. SirDeath

    SirDeath Guest

    Anybody have Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix for 27.42 detonators?

    I have installed 27.42 but the current NRRF dont support it, and I cant unlock the other refresh for my monitor....

    But I read a notice in xp-erience.org which said about NRRF for 27.42 working...

    Anybody have it?

    Please contact me to ICQ: 14176394 or send me to my email sirdeath@entelchile.net

  2. DaEnigma

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    PUDBUDZ Guest

    I have the 27.42 and the refresh rate fix but when i set the refresh rates for the resolutions i want and save it they dont go the correct refresh rate when i change resolution...
    Anyone else have that problem?

    Thx PUD
  4. FatesWarning

    FatesWarning Guest

    Am am using the 27.42's. WinXP Pro. Tried the refresh rate fix and followed the instructions from, http://www.geocities.com/tikimotel/the_fix.htm

    When I do into Tribes 2, check the refresh rate, and voila....still 60Hz. :(

    Desktop 1024x768 85Hz
    Tribes 2 1024x768 (60Hz)

    Asus A7V
    T-bird 1.0
    256 PC133
    Asus V7700 Pure 32DDR
    Det 27.42's
    Quantum 20 Gig Fireball
    SB Live
  5. Infinity7

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    Refresh Fix for 27.x drivers

    Somebody named Guru has posted about how to fix so you can do Refresh Rate fix for all the 27.x drivers at www.guru3d.com in the forums.

  6. FatesWarning

    FatesWarning Guest

    I looked there...no help for my problem above.