Nvidia Omega driver

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by poolshark, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. poolshark

    poolshark Guest

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Nvidia Omega drivers.I checked out the website and they sound promising.However I have a 32mb GeForce2 so I'm a little worried about trying them.Any advice?Thanx.
  2. Shawn319

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    I love them (with my GF4 4600Ti). i dunno about a gf2 32mb though... If your worried about drivers, a GF2 32mb isint the right card for you :)
  3. poolshark

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    Omega drivers

    Yeah - I need a new card.Want to get a new GeForce when I can afford it.Trying to get as much as I can out of the old one until then. :)