NVIDIA Drivers 23.11/23.12/27.30/2742 guru3d

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by BonyTony, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. BonyTony

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    Now me being an avid driver tester i thought i would post my results with the above drivers using my system specs below.
    All test were completed under the same conditions,usind 3D Mark 2001 at default test,Ran 3 times then taken average score.

    Athlon XP1700.
    Asus G3 Deluxe (default settings)AGP set at 128,
    512 DDR Crucial Ram cas2 4way interweave,
    Epox 8kha+mb,
    2 Maxtor 80 gig Hd`s ATA 133 7200rpm,
    Creative 1024 sound card,
    Windows XP Pro.

    Results below and any comments:-

    23.11`s my score was 7335....all looked good.

    23.12`s my score was 7599...avg 3 frames more in Nature test,

    27.30`s my score was 7550...More frames in the 8 light test (ran nealy smooth!)but lower overall test result also it looked a little darker.

    27.42`s my score was 7555....much the same as 27.30 better in the 8 light test but again it all looked dark,But then i found somthing strange i used Nvidia refresh fix and it would not detect the driver so all games are set at 60hz i tried uninstalling and other fixes but no change...be warned.

    So after a few hours of testing i am rolling back to the 23.12`s.
    Post your results if you like.
  2. BonyTony

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    Lol tried asus 23.blah blah drivers

    Tried them and this is what i got used different ways to get them in all installed ok but the desktop looked like the enclosed jpeg pic.....have a look and let that be a lesson to you all ;-)
  3. da rock

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    my score w/ 23.12 drv@1024x768 3912
    t-brd 950
    ecs K7S5A
    256 mb ddr (crucial 2100)
    inno geforce 2ti 64 mb ddr
    maxtor 30 gb @7200 rpm
    xp home:cool:
  4. XPBeta

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    man i love 27.42 drivers i gained 300 points sysmark and playing CS i gained 15 fps i love them and haven't had any probs with them
  5. Wolfman

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    My score went from 6534 wth 27.11 to a whopping 5583 with the new 27.42's :(

    Not sure what happened there but all my FPS scores were down about 5-10fps.

    Nature scene dropped from 30fps to 15 and the Vertex shader speed went from 55.9fps to 9.4!!!

    So back to 27.11's for me.

    System :-

    AMD 1.4ghz TBird
    Elsa Gladiac 920
    512mb PC2100 DDR ram
  6. jtferrier

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    nVidia 23.12???

    Just tried the MS update for "23.12" and found that it installed 21.83 (previously 23.11). The MS update page had indicated that it was going to install 23.12. Don't know what happened.

    Anyone else have this problem, or know what is going on? Insight welcome.

  7. killuau

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    where can i get a copy of the new drivers ????
  8. BonyTony

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  9. duder

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    21.83's work great for me