nvidia 28.32 HELP

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by badass, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. badass

    badass Guest

    after upgrading lost all of my advanced setting.
  2. Me too! :(

    This is not cool. I dont know if it is just a bug or if Nvidia meant to do this but I dont like it one bit. I cant even disable vsync. Maybe there is a registery key that needs to be set.


    /me goes digging in the registry...
  3. zman

    zman Guest

    I am peeved too at the new drivers they make for us

    Coolbits doesnt seem to work either :(

    My 3D mark has dropped :(

    And Refresh Rate fix doesnt work on them

    nVidia what are you doing to us !

  4. Sage

    Sage Guest

    New drivers have bugs

    I also am missing the advance tabs
  5. max

    max Guest

    YUP these new drivers suck ass

    You cant modify any openGL or Direct 3D settings.

    nView is gone - its still in the system folder

    3D Marks exactly the same as 23.11's - 3426

  6. DrX

    DrX Guest

    Guys dont panic :)

    I have nearly fixed the issue with Advanced tabs (i think)

    I will post the fix here as soon as I get it finished

    nView looks to be totally disabled unless you logon as FULL administrator - not just an account with admin privlages

    BRB !
  7. Mad Capper

    Mad Capper Guest


    WT...WT... is going on! :( What bull!!!

    Has nVidia lots a couple of transitiors, releasing such crap drivers.

    I bought my new Gforce 4, waiting for the official release that will optimize my card and what do i find - SAME as everyone else- no advanced bar.

    Hope this gets sorted out soon
  8. Sage

    Sage Guest

    New Dets

    Just emailed Tech support at Nvidia to let them know of about the problem - they may already be aware of these issuses, but better save than sorry.
  9. Eproxus

    Eproxus Long gone and now back!

    Hey! We're achieving something here! Yay for us! (Although I've not been soo active, but... :p )
  10. DrX

    DrX Guest

    I just heard that nVidia are saying that the wrong drivers were uploaded to the Hosting sites. The new ones will be up within the hour !


    Quote: OK folks, I just got off the phone with NVIDIA. It seems as if someone uploaded the wrong driver set to their site, hence the missing NVIDIA Control Panel applets. The correct ones should be available in the next hour or so.

    From what I understand when I talked to NVIDIA, we should be getting the 28.80 drivers today. I asked NVIDIA about the Digital Vibrance issue, where it shuts off when you start a game, and they said that it has been fixed. That's surely good news.
  11. Sage

    Sage Guest

    Fixed drivers available Now

    Corrected Drivers with control Panel extensions are now available.
    1522h Atlantic Time
  12. badass

    badass Guest

    update "new"

    10:45 AM PST (3/21): Updated with new kits that contain the NVIDIA control panels.

    downloading now
  13. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Guest

    Does anyone know if the refresh rate fix for XP will work with the updated drivers NVidia has on their site now. They did replace the faulty ones at 10:45 am PST
    Too early to tell I guess or maybe the fix needs updated also.
  14. DrX

    DrX Guest

    Looks like waddy has got the links now :)

    The new drivers links are on the front page :D
  15. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I did wonder about that, tho the drivers seemed to be running ok, so I didn't worry too hard.

    Redownloading em now ;)
  16. badass

    badass Guest

    They Work!!!!

    Just installed and they seem to work okay
  17. AfTheRock

    AfTheRock Guest

    Luky Me

    Aren't I lucky, to have not downloaded the faulty drivers yet, these drivers would have killed my PC, if the recent problems that I have been experienceing since I upgraded my motherbaord are anything to go by.
  18. RChanana

    RChanana Guest


    Hi Everyone...Well, I previously had the 23.11's installed on my machine, i'm using a nVidia Geforce2 MX400 by the way (64 meg) and when I tried to install the "old" 28.32's they caused some problems with the advanced tabs, and this horrible lag on my machine...I downloaded the newer drivers and attempted to install but everytime I reboot for them to get into affect Windows XP Pro disables the driver and when I enable it, then Windows says it found new hardware, being the nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 and it installs it reinstalls some old 7/11/2001 drivers (5.1.2001) I also attached a screenshot of the installation saying a file is missing when I tried to reinstall my old 23.11 drivers??? If there's any if you need, let me know..Thanks in advance!
  19. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Guest

    The refresh rate fix I have does not work with the new drivers. Does anyone know if there is a newer version since September? The 2.1 build 169 is the version I have.