NV4disp Bluescreen !!??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Helmut, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. Helmut

    Helmut Guest

    I get regular bluesreens that say's nv4disp caused it!
    Anyone know what to do about this??
    Anyone else have the same problem?

  2. Helmut

    Helmut Guest

    Any tips on drivers to use then?
    and where to find them!

    System is running fine under w2k, but i relly liked XP!

    BP6 dual cel 500
    Asus v7700 Gf2 GTS
    3x10Gb HD
    CD-Sony Slot in
    3Com 905b
    640Mb 100Mhxz memo
    Adaptec 2940au
    Sb Live value
  3. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    well what drivers are you currently using? you can goto a site such as warp2search.com and get alot of the beta drivers there. as for drivers to use it kinda depends on system and such when it comes to beta's, some betas work for some people and not others, ya gotta play around.
  4. Yodums

    Yodums Guest

    You might just want to try the lastest nVidia drivers @ guru3d.com

    Currently I'm using the 27.70

    Be sure to install them correctly, uninstall the card, reboot, hit to safe mode and install in there.



    I had the same problem once

    i just reinstalled an earlier driver and it worked fine.. i found that 23.11 works the best for all my games
  6. Yodums

    Yodums Guest

    Re: I had the same problem once

    Might be the fact that their nVidia passed, their offical drivers, and WHQL certified..

    Beta drivers are a give and go and a 50/50 on whether you get good performance or bad.
  7. Helmut

    Helmut Guest

    Thx all!
    You've given me some leeds on how to proceed!

    I used the 23.11 ref drivers earlier and they didn't work so I'll reinstall XP and try some beta drivers!
  8. Yodums

    Yodums Guest

    Did you uninstall the card before reinstalling the new drivers?
  9. hrijf

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  10. hrijf

    hrijf Guest

    I forgot: you can also check: www.via.com.tw and type the word "loop" (without quotes) in the search window in the top of the screen. This will result in 5 pages of posts about this problem.
  11. Helmut

    Helmut Guest

    Think I solved it!

    I moved around the pci cards on my BP6 motherboard and now it seems to be working with xp-default drivers!

    Old NOT working Pci Card placing!
    Sb. Live

    New working (so far) config!
    sb. live

    Thx all for you're time trying to help me!

  12. open_source

    open_source Guest

    You can usually fix this error by going into the services panel and disabling the Nvidia service.
  13. Geffy

    Geffy Moderator Folding Team

    United Kingdom
    I would not recommend using the XP default drivers as they dont use all of the features of your card. I had the same problem as you with the nv4_disp errors, I thought it was due to nVidia not supporting the GeForce 256 DDR card as the new Detonator ones had features my card didnt.
    Since then I have upgraded my card to a GeForce 2 Ti, I checked on the Windows Catalogue and hardware->Video cards and checked to see which GeForce cards were supported. Now I have had no problems at all. I am using the, which came with the card. No problems

    Athlon 1GHz
    Abit KT7 RAID
    256MB RAM
    Gainward GeForce 2 Ti/450 TV
    Creative Audigy Player
    3COM 3C905B-TX
    IBM DTLA-307030
    MAXTOR 2 B020H1
    Creative PC DVD 6x
    Creative 8432e CDRW

    Old graphics card was a creative card as well