ntlworld.com move to Virgin Media as of tomrrow

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    Today will be the last time you will see ntlworld.com as they cease trading as NTL at midnight GMT time and relaunch as Virgin Media tomorrow morning. You will see a brand new website, and an exciting new product line, changes will commence over the next coming months as services will change for the better. So what can we expect to see from Virgin Media.

    ntlworld.com mail servers will change to virginmedia.com (although these mail servers will continue to operate you can if you wish, keep you existing ntlworld.com email address).

    NTL confusing and frustrating, bill structure will change and make it more easier for you to understand what products and services you are actually paying for. The introduction of a new STB (Set-top box) as V+ which is a HD STB will be rolled out to customers as of this month. Cable modems are also changing, although this has not been clarified as of yet, but a spokesman from NTL did advise me their STB (Set-Top Boxes) and IDU (In Door Units) i.e. cable modems will be upgraded to Scientific Atlanta, although could not give a definitive answer.

    Will the takeover make a difference to the running of the organisation, will products a service improve, to be honest I think this is the best move NTL could ever make, and I personally believe the organisation will grow stronger under Richard Branson.

    Website www.ntlworld.com (this will change at Midnight GMT time)
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    blueyonder is also changing - lets hope for the better :)