NTLDR is Missing??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bobgoblin, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. bobgoblin

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    I just installed a new 60gig hd with windows xp. I have it hooked up with my ten gig. But when i take out the 10gig so then i just boot from the 60gig. It says NTLDR is missing. so i cant boot. Anyhelp would be good.
  2. Sprung

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    Sounds like you installed XP on the second HD, but your bootloader is on the C: drive. Swap the drives, and reload XP. All your information can then be salvaged off the D: drive.
  3. bobgoblin

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    How would i do the swap and stuff
    How exactly would i go upon doing that. Any help thanks???
  4. Sprung

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    Set the 60 gig to master, and the 10 gig to slave, or take the 10 out completely. Format the 60, Install XP on the 60, and get it all running correctly.

    If you took out the 10 gig, put it back in as a slave. Reboot and move any info you want by using Windows Explorer.

    (If you left the 10 in, just boot.)

    Good luck;)
  5. Reg

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    Actually, with Windows XP, he doesn't even have to do that :D

    Do what Sprung said and swap your 60gig. Make it the master and the 10gb the slave.

    Then, put in your Windows XP CD and boot to the CD. When the screen asks you to install, choose Install. The CD will then check the 60gb hard drive. It will then pop up with a message that says, "A Previous Windows XP Installation Has Been Detected. Do You Wish To Repair It?" Press "R" to repair. It will then remove Windows, and reinstall it. This way you don't have to wipe it out and put all your files back.