NTFS win2k hdd formatting help needed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by p.kris, Jan 21, 2003.

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    i wanted to format my ntfs hdd and started with bootup disk. i receive an error message after the "verifying the hardware configuration" that "I/O error: status = 00001000. NTDETECT." i ve two cd drives d (ide-cdrom)and e(scsi-cd-rw, using symbios logic pci-scsi adaptor).sytem is 500mghz,130 ram.(later i tried running emeergency repair from the win2k cd rom, it didnt help. after that tried installing windows direct from cd rom, chose "clean install", but system did not respond when pressed format c:\)

    can anyone help me.
    thank you
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    can you place the HDD in another computer and format it from there? (via partition magic or the windows partition system.) i would try that or just make sure that the salve/master situation is correct on all IDE devices and that your addon card is installed properly.