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  1. Fingers

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    Please don't flame my post. I do see other posts on ntfs vs. fat32. Even on this same page. Like two posts underneath this.

    Anyway. i know about stability, security, size of partition, all that jazz. I want to know. What about performance. How does it compare?

    I am big into performance because of gaming. I only want the best. I have searched and searched and one person I saw said that reportly ntfs was 5% slower then FAT32. Only one place. I want to use ntfs so i don't need to worry about the 32 gig partition size limit in xp.

    Is this true. Can't anyone verify this?

    I would greatly appreciate some insite from an intelligent folk. I have a 80 wd just waiting for me. I don't want to switch if it decreases my performance of game.

    Thanks for all replies and thanks for your time

  2. john30uk

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    ntfs is slightly slower as bigger clusters but more stable and dont **** up when you do bad shutdown.

    cant understand u seening any downside in games with it not noticible.
  3. Fingers

    Fingers Guest

    So you're saying I will not notice any decrease in performance?

    Then I am a happy to hear that.

    Anybody else have any input?????

    I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your reply john30uk
  4. crono_logical

    crono_logical Bird Eater

    I have an 80 GB FAT32 partition on my HD under XP (for 100MB+ files), though I think I usd Partiton Magic to create it :)
  5. Zedric

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    NTFS should be faster on big drives (about >32GB). Also, above that FAT32 starts wasting space pretty heavily (big clusters). Besides, games don't use the hdd much except wihle starting and loading levels. I suggest you use NTFS.
  6. stuy_b

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    I get same results catch23 :) and as others have mentioned, NTFS is better in times of disaster, as it doesnt screw up ya files if you have a bad shutdown, and recovering files is much better.

    You'd be nutz in my opinion to use XP on FAT32.
  7. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    NTFS is quickest on single partition disks
    If want speed dont partition
    If you've got 2 x disks the same speed install your games to the other disk away from XP's busy system activity.

  8. Fingers

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    I just want to thank you very much for your replies!

    Very much appreciated!!!!!!

    Now I feel good going ahead and making that drive ntfs.

    TwoZigzagColt45 - quickest on single disk?

    Could you expand? Anybody else have any feeling towards this.

    I was going to partion the 80gig 50/50. That way i would put the os on C: along with apps. Then put all my games on D:

    I then have a another 20 gig I was going to put as E: for my downloading drive and all my file extractions and plain messing around drive so i don't mess with the os part of things any way.

    Oh i was going to leave the 20gig as just that. Both WD's. Both 7200 rpm.

    Thanks again.. U are all a lot of help!
  9. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    as soon as you create a logical partition you lose about 5% performance
  10. Fingers

    Fingers Guest

    Ahh i see!!!

    hmmm so you would recommend a whole 80gig???

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  11. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    At the end of day its all down to personal preference
    I have a personal dislike for NTFS & no longer use it
    PC mark now gives me a lower score on the HDD performance
    3D mark is roughly the same
    I've got a partition for everthing
    Master Disk
    7gig XP & Apps
    28gig MP3's
    20gig Backups & storage
    Slave Disk
    1gig pagefile
    28gig game installs
    9gig incoming downloads
    1gig temporary internet files
    After trying many combinations I think this is the setup I'm gonna keep - very happy with the way my PC runs.
  12. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    Ha ha ha ha ha
    nice one catch
    forgot to mention I like to mess about with cluster size as well
    XP & Apps 4KB cluster
    MP3's 32KB clusters
    Backups 64KB cluster
    pagefile 16 KB cluster
    temporary internet files 8KB cluster
    Game Installs 16KB clusters
  13. Fingers

    Fingers Guest

    okay let me bring this into a conclusion.

    NTFS = GOOD - Use it with XP

    Size of partion = ?

    I ask this.. Is it good to have a single 80gig partiion?

    I was always told to have somewhat small partions for defragmention purposes. That is the main reason I wanted to break my harddrive into pieces. Thats all!

    I am going to have all important stuff on the one new harddrive and all my messing around on the other one.

    This good?

    Thanks again...this should be the end and thanks for your participation.
  14. NetRyder

    NetRyder Tech Junkie Folding Team

    New York City
    Yes, use NTFS with XP.

    Create one large 80 gig which will have Windows and all your software on it.

    On your second hard-disk, store all your documents, backups and other stuff you don't want to lose when you do a format.

    If the second drive is a fast one with lots of free space, put the pagefile on that disk as well. It will help to improve performance.
  15. Fingers

    Fingers Guest

    Okay that is what I am doing......

    Thanks a lot NetRyder!

    I'm running with that idea.

    Printing out everything I need right now and moving everything from my little 6 gig to 20. Then put the 80 and let er rip. <snicker> Its going to be great </snicker>
  16. 2z

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  17. NetRyder

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    New York City
    You're welcome ;)
  18. Fingers

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    Where do i go to disable that stuff!!!!!!

    haha I am such a pain the ass

    So sorry! I understand if you run away..run far far away!!!
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    Ahh okay that would make sense. i was wondering.. I searched around. COuldn't find it.

    Thanks again..

    I need to get this crap done with..i need to get papers done and gaming to do!!!!!
  20. insaNity

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    got the tweak from this very site