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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fredur, Feb 13, 2002.

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    Can i change to NTFS on my hard drive without formatting it?

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    "Can i change to NTFS on my hard drive without formatting it?"

    Yes you can. This is done via the Convert command - which is part of the operating system. If you go to a command prompt and enter convert /?, you will see how to use.

    - Greg/Raxco Software
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    It is possible to change

    I think you will find the answer to this is Yes,read the following and check at the MS address given:

    HOW TO: Convert a FAT16 or FAT32 Volume to NTFS (Q307881)


    Converting a FAT or FAT32 Volume to NTFS
    NOTE : Although the possibility of corruption or data loss during the conversion is minimal, it is recommended that you perform a backup of the data on the volume that you want to convert before you start the conversion.

    To convert an existing FAT or FAT32 volume to NTFS, follow these steps:
    Click Start , point to All Programs , point to Accessories , and then click Command Prompt .

    At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:

    convert drive letter : /fs:ntfs
    For example, type the following command to convert drive E to NTFS:
    convert e : /fs:ntfs
    When the following message is displayed in the command prompt window, type the volume label of the drive that you are converting, and then press ENTER:

    The type of the file system is FAT.
    Enter the current volume label for drive drive letter :
    When the conversion to NTFS is complete, the following line is displayed in the command prompt window:

    Conversion complete
    Quit the command prompt.

    I know a number of people who have done the conversion succesfuly with no loss of data,so I suggest you back up what you can't afford to lose,and then go for it.Hope this helps.
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    Fat to NTFS

    PS: The above command prompt conversion works on W2000 and NT in addition to XP. This is nothing new and I've done this MANY times and never lost any data.