Ntfs or Fat32

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flatbeat_Eddy, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. ok, i have a 20 gig harddrive,, is it ok to convert to NTFS, or is fat32 better for my drive?
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    it's ok, to convert but if your not having probs why do it? NTFS is more stable but not that more noticably, there are some security features but most peps don't use them, if FAT32 is working fine for you now just leave it would be my suggestion.

  3. 2z

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    If you really want to convert

    its best to do it when doing a fresh install

  4. Hipster Doofus

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    NTFS is the way to go. Heaps more stable.
  5. maybe it is more stable, but it does give more security features
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    You mean NTFS has more security features, or FAT32?
  7. ntfs, sory for not clearing it up
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    lol, okie...... i just didnt understand what you wrore (misunderstood), and was about to correct you.. ;)
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    I would recommend NTFS as its a far amount more stable doesn't fragment as bad as FAT32 and can handle large partitions. I also would say that its better to do a format in which file system u plan on using but that also requires backing up of data and stuff and some folks don't want to do that
  10. MMF

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    If you have 20Gb you can use both but for harddisks larger than 32Gb you should use NTFS.
    With NTFS you can compress, encrypt, archive and index files+ the stability and the security that you will have.
  11. but will NTFS work well on a small 20 gig hard drive? i heard it was only for large 40 gig drives?
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    Sure it will work well one thing with ntfs though if you run into trouble it is much harder to recover your data on a drive formatted with the ntfs file system, as for heeps more stable? I used both and with winxp fat32 is STABLE and I found the only real difference was the defragging was faster on the ntfs, but what do I care about that mine defrags while I sleep, either way is fine , you need high security? why you work for NASA? la good firewall should keep you feeling secure, either way its your choice but remember if you get into a bind the ntfs files are harder to access when things go wrong
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    i converted my 15gb hdd to NTFS havent had any problems with it