NTFS or FAT32 partition?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Grifter, Mar 25, 2002.

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    I have a small question regarding using an NTFS Partition with XP Pro. I already have my primary partition using NTFS with XP Pro installed on this partition, and I want my second partition to also use NTFS, but what I'm not sure of is if using an NTFS on this partition would give me problems with compatibility on PC games. Does using NTFS instead of FAT32 give me an increase in incompatibility with XP? Also, if I use FAT32 mixed with my NTFS partition under XP, will I get any promblems with them working together under the OS?

    I would like any further insight to this.

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    only problem I can foresee is if you duel boot to a win9x os...since it can read ntfs...but if you keep 1 os shouldn't run into probs with games.


    the problem

    hes right... 98 cannot read NTFS file system your best bet would to use FAT32 and its just as fast as NTFS if not faster...
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    Ok, thanks! then that's what I'll do, make the other partition a FAT32 patition in XP and use it to run games and stuff.

    Thanks for the help! :D
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    ?? He never mentioned windows 98!!! So, basically if he only plans on running Windows XP on the computer he should move to ntfs as:

    NTFS is faster (I know alot of you prolly disagree but it is)
    NTFS fixes itself: I hardly ever have scandisk come up on startup, only if something goes really wrong.
    NTFS has great security: Limit each users access to directories, share the computer with your mum? don't allow her access to your porn stash =)
    NTFS has compression: Save space, and depending on your proccessor/HDD it can make things faster too.

    Can't be read in dos or most other operation systems. (Although this does stop "hackers" booting into dos to play with your files)

    NTFS is far superior!, only reason not to use it, like I said earlier is if you use other operation systems as well and want to have access to that data. But if you like you can use Fat32, and use the Convert command (open a console and type "Convert /?") to make it into ntfs later without loosing anything.
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    NTFS format has nothing to do with game compatibility!

    I have FAT32 and NTFS partitions
    no problem with games at all..

    I see that you have ntfs on Partition C:\
    just incase you need to dual boot with W98 or winMe.in the forseeable future can be a problem !

    format all in ntfs if you don't have the intention to dual boot.

    If a game don't run is nothing to do with NTFS format more of compatibility issue!