ntfs is restricting me =(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fantasi, Oct 27, 2004.

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    ok heres the deal. I have this computer that i need to fix, the person who gave it to me has a windows password on to login. Her windows was damaged (blue screen). i did a windows xp repair but still the same. so my option is to format. but she doesnt want to lose her documents. so what i did is, i put her hard drive in another computer and deleted her windows dir. By doing this, i can reinstall windows again whilst still havint her documents and settings/my documents.

    everything is installed but when i go on that folder, it says access denied. i know the password because she gave it to me. So basically the same thing that supposed to keep my files safe, is actually keeping me away from the same thing. talk about double edged sword.

    my question is, is there a way go into the folder for i have the password? I was browsing through the computer and it says something about certificates and keys? does this mean i need a public key of somesort?

    p.s. i dont know which forum to put this into, but i think it might just be in the windows forum but i chose to put it here cuz NTFS supose to be some sort of security thing. helllpp !!!
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    /me wants rep :p

    I do believe this should be all you need - happy 0wning!
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