Nov 16th: Bloodlines!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Petros, Nov 13, 2004.

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    Even with all the hype surrounding HL2, don't forget to check out Bloodlines. It's an RPG that uses HL2's Source engine, and it looks fabulous. Anybody who was a fan of the original (like me!) will love to see this one. It's a very open-ended RPG set in a modern world, with the coolest thing ever next to ninjas: Vampires!

    Slimy things! Bondage addicts! b00bies! Physics engine demonstrations! The big city! This game's got it all.

    It would have been out a long time ago, had Valve not forbidden them to release it. So when you go to get HL2, you might want to pick this one up, too. much money to spend.
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    Yeah this is one of the three games I'm lookign forward too.

    Should be awesome :D