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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dr. Kramer, Mar 31, 2004.

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    Notebook Pricing...

    Ok, here's the deal. Right now here's what I have
    Dell 2650
    XP Pro
    P4 1.6
    14.1 XGA LCD
    384 MB Ram
    20GB HD
    16MB video

    I have a friend who is interested in buying a laptop and jokingly I said "heck, I'll sell ya mine'. She said 'How much?' So how much do people think I should ask for it? I have a number in mind, but i'd like to see what others think. I was also thinking of leaving all my MP3 (about 8GB worth) and software on there too, but would it be wrong / illegal to charge her more for this?

    The other part of my dilemma is that if I do sell this, I am looking at buying a 600m for around 1100 After a 200 dollar rebate
    P4M 1.4
    256MB RAM
    30GB HD
    32 MB Video
    24x CDRW / DVD combo
    Integrated wireless

    So I'd like to maximize my profits on my old laptop so I don't have to fork out a bunch for the new one. BUt the coupons I have for the laptop expire TODAY (the 31st) So i'd appreciate some quick replys!


    Oh, and by the way...when did Dell Home start charging tax?? That adds 70 bucks to the 600m!
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    i'd say its worth around $650-$800..anywhere in that range depending on how much use it's gotten. As far as keeping your software on depends if it is registered to you.