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    INTERNET EXPLORER + active WMP = shit

    i cant surf and watch music vids at the same time.. like stuff goes slow and more often than not all the explorer windows close out of nowhere... Athlon XP 1600+, EpoX 8hka+, 512mb mushkin ddr.. multitasking should NOT be a problem.. anybody got any ideas? this is real annoying and i really dont have the tolerance to deal with this right now..

    my cpu is running at 122f.. im not sure if that has anything to do with it cuz ppl told me that was fine..

    it runs so much slower than when i first got it put together.. all those damn windows updates kinda got me uneasy if they actually do anything expect slow down what was once an awesome machine

    PLEASE i NEED help!!!
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    xp pro

    forgot that part... w/ all updates
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    that cant be it tho.. cuz my comp should be able to handle a few damn updates
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    the driver for my quickcam express it has there for me doesnt work.. i always install it hoping it will but i always end up rolling back the driver.. why do they give u updates that are shit