Norton Virus Update Error

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Led2112, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Led2112

    Led2112 Guest

    Since updating Norton every time I start the computer I get this error. Take a look has anyone else had this Problem? I Have no Idea what to do. Any thoughts?
  2. Khayman

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    symredir.dll hmmm, there was a update recently to Redirector, did you get it? if not go to liveupdate and do that
  3. relnah

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    Redirector update

    I got that error when updating the redirector.

    Try doing a clean re-install of your nortonsoftware and update liveupdate first(DL from symantec site)... then run live update.
  4. Led2112

    Led2112 Guest

    Will do a reinstall now...lets see what happens
  5. allan

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    Go to Symantec's support pages and enter Norton Redirection Error. This is a known issue with solutions.
  6. Led2112

    Led2112 Guest

    It's fixed did a reinstall and didnt upgrade redirector. I going to check the site to see about the issue.. THANKS
  7. DoubleClick

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    A friend of mine and myself both had the same problem....he rolled back with System restore and downloaded the update over again and all was fine.....myself i reinstalled NAV and redownloaded the update and it worked fine, so it seems to be a weird problem that is fixable in many ways. But still a pain in the arse!
  8. XeoNoX

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    try re-installing.
  9. FURY

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